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How I became interested in the ketogenic diet to improve health.

I became interested in the ketogenic diet five years ago when I used it to treat my dangerously elevated blood pressure after giving birth to my twin girls that was previously impossible to achieve using other means. I did not want to use drugs as I was breastfeeding. Believe me, if there is a diet out there, I’ve tried it to treat my blood pressure. Now I know that the problem was also my undiagnosed malfunctioning thyroid.

At that time I tried no-meat, no-salt diet, even tried raw food diet for about a month with no result with my blood pressure still getting dangerously elevated. Of course, life was very stressful after having twins taking care of them and not getting any sleep.

Only when I tried a ketogenic diet with high fat, moderate proteins and very low carbs, my blood pressure got down to normal levels. I felt good on it with virtually no hunger or cravings.

At that time I knew about the Atkins diet and used it before to lose extra pounds with success in the past. I could never stay on just low fat, lean meats and vegetables forever. I just could not do it.

When I found out that ketogenic diet is a high fat diet and that you can safely increase amounts of fat in your diet while you are eating low carb, it was the answer I was looking for. High fat was the answer to my overall well-being, being satiated, giving me strength at a very stressful time in my life and also providing nourishment for me and my babies.

Since that time, I have spent innumerable hours researching the details of the ketogenic diet, attempting to answer the many questions which surround it.

More next time on what is a ketogenic diet and what it is used for.


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