Ketogenic diet, Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss Program



Confused about the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off?


Want to understand the differences between dietary approaches to find what works best for you?


As a Naturopathic doctor with a special interest in weight loss human physiology, after years of trial and error, experience and accumulated knowledge from my satisfied patients have brought me to finally understand WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD!”  

Dr. Olga Cappuccio, MSc, ND.

If your previous attempts to lose pounds and keep them off have been a failure, make sure you contact us today and make an appointment with  Dr. Olga Cappuccio, MSc, ND. You will not be disappointed!

Call us at 416-357-9561 or use a Contact form below.

Please give it a one month commitment (3 visits) and try our Fast Weight Loss Program.

In order for weight loss to be successful, you need to learn the basics of how your body works. What physiological and biochemical factors make a body gain weight and what prevents it from losing fat from adipose cells?

The answer and the solution to a successful weight loss is simpler and actually more straight-forward than many of you might believe it to be.

All these tools and accumulated knowledge will be provided for you. All the methods will be explained. After the first 3 appointments (approximately a month) you will learn:

  • how to become an efficient fat burner
  • what diet and lifestyle strategies are best at ensuring success in shedding pounds
  • single biggest key to weight loss success
  • everything you know about low-fat diets is wrong
  • why the calorie theory is out of date
  • what supplements and herbs are helpful
  • the role of hormones in weight loss
  • why eating fat is your best strategy for losing weight
  • lose fat while you sleep
  • the psychology of weight loss
  • the role of gluten and other food sensitivities
  • the role of stress
  • the microbiome and what it means to your waistline
  • other hidden factors in weight gain
  • and more!

Did you know?

  • Looking and feeling your best doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself.
  • Latest research shows that what you eat matters far more than how much you eat.
  • Eating more fat actually supports weight loss.
  • There is a way to put a control on your fat building hormone insulin and reverse insulin resistance.
  • Your body will literally burn your belly fat for energy under the right messages from hormones.
  • There are other hidden causes of your resistance to weight loss beyond diet: toxins, stress, lack of sleep, infections, food sensitivities, hormones, genetics, and more.
  • According to experts, focusing all your efforts on just exercise and ignoring the diet is sabotaging your weight loss efforts.


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