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I got interested in nutrition.

I got interested in nutrition early on and have always loved reading nutrition and diet books. I was in constant search for a perfect diet not just for weight management but also for good health and longevity. What is the most optimal diet for humans? I was on a quest to find it. My interest in nutrition is what lead me to become a naturopathic doctor.

You name a diet or nutrition book and I have probably read it and probably have tried the diet. What started it all for me was Fats that Heal Fats that Kill (Udo Erasmus, 1993) book. I just started university at the time and saw this book at the university bookstore. At that time it went against conventional wisdom of dietary recommendations.

For a longest time the true diet, I thought, was supposed to be high in whole grains and low in fat. The guidelines of eating lots of whole grains and low fat did not sit right with me. I did not like the taste of low fat fake foods that started popping up on the shelves of supermarkets. The same guidelines were being taught in naturopathic college to my greatest disappointment. Most naturopathic doctors still believe in this dogma.  

I think I have come to a true understanding on how the body works in terms of weight gain and loss. I understand how to make a body lose fat, what biochemical, evolutionary, genetic and environmental processes contribute to health and healthy weight as oppose to weight gain and disease. This subject is really interesting to me. I like getting to the root cause of what we know the physiology and biology of things in our bodies.

I am always trying to find out how the food that we eat or the chemical in our food will influence us on biochemical and physiological level. The more I searched, the more interesting discoveries I made and still continue making in terms of what goes in our food.

What is optimal diet for me also evolved over the years from trying these diets for myself and figuring it out on how I function on them. I went into many extremes from fasting and raw food vegan diet to high fat animal protein diets. With each experimentation, I would note on how my body works and I came up with my own conclusion what is the optimal diet for humans.

I am still in the process of continual learning and sharing this information with my patients on where the food is coming from, what ingredients are safe for human consumption, what environmental toxins we need to avoid, and demystifying new dietary trends.


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