How high insulin interferes with your weight loss.

Please look at the following informative video done by Butter Bob Briggs. More information can be found:


Strategies that may help you lose weight.

A very typical case of one of our clients: Anna is a 46 year old woman, 168 cm, 183 pounds at the time of her first appointment.  Most of her life she had a comfortable weight for her around 140 pounds. The pounds started piling up after she hit 40 years old and none of… Continue reading Strategies that may help you lose weight.

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I got interested in nutrition.

I got interested in nutrition early on, and have always loved reading nutrition and diet books. I was in a constant search for a perfect diet not just for weight management, but also for good health and longevity. What is the most optimal diet for humans? I was on a quest to find it. My… Continue reading I got interested in nutrition.

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Fast Weight Loss Program

  Confused about the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off?   Want to understand the differences between dietary approaches to find what works best for you?   “As a Naturopathic doctor with a special interest in weight loss human physiology, after years of trial and error, experience and accumulated knowledge from… Continue reading Fast Weight Loss Program

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Not losing weight on a ketogenic diet?

I have worked with many patients that are eating a ketogenic diet but not getting the results they want. Keto is often great for weight loss and cognitive performance, yet for some people, a high-fat diet causes weight gain and brain fog. Why would that be? For optimal functioning your body must have: Sufficient nutrients… Continue reading Not losing weight on a ketogenic diet?

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How I became interested in the ketogenic diet to improve health.

I became interested in a ketogenic diet five years ago, when I used it to treat my dangerously elevated blood pressure during pregnancy and lactation. I did not want to use drugs as I was breastfeeding. Believe me, if there is a diet out there, I’ve tried it to treat my blood pressure. At that… Continue reading How I became interested in the ketogenic diet to improve health.


What does happiness mean to you?

True happiness can be achieved by having good health. Healthy person has enough energy to finally achieve success in life and gain prosperity. Health cannot be bought no matter how much money a person has. In our society we are doing it backwards. We are practically “killing” ourselves to get material things in life and… Continue reading What does happiness mean to you?